Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement explains how Ellie (Service) collects and processes personal and other information about you.

1. Registrar

Ellie Technologies Inc.  (Business ID: FI29616888) 
Itälahdenkatu 22A, 00210 Helsinki 
Johannes Hovi
+358 50 367 0809

2. Personal data collected in the service

Currently, we collect the following information from you on the Service: 

  • Your name

  • Your email 

The information is collected during user account creation to the service. Email is used for logging in to the service and for resetting the password. Username is used for the other users in your organization to identify yourself. 

3. Personal Information Recipients or Recipient Groups

The information collected is available to employees of Ellie Technologies for purposes of this Privacy Policy.

Information will not be disclosed outside the company. However, we use subcontractors as technical processors. All subcontractors we use meet the privacy requirements of the current privacy laws.

List of subcontractors:

  • Amazon Web Services (Germany)

4. Data transfer to third countries

Ellie Technologies uses subcontractors that provide technical processing services, some of which are located outside the EU in the United States. Subcontractors are listed in section 3 of this privacy statement. If the data is transferred to a US subcontractor, the transfer is based on Article 45 of the Privacy Protection Regulation.

For more information on the Privacy Shield and its affiliates, please visit

5. User’s Rights

The user has the right to:

  • Review the information about him/herself

  • Request removal of the personal information 

  • Modify personal information 

  • Require that the controller restricts the processing of data referred to in Article 18 of the Data Protection Regulation

  • Object to the processing of data in situations referred to in Article 21 of the Data Protection Regulation

  • Send a complaint with the Data Protection Officer regarding the processing of data

Disclosure of information to the requester requires always that the identity of the requester can be verified in a reliable way.

6. Cookies

To enable the use of the service this site uses cookies. Cookies collect the information specified in this document for the purposes mentioned in this document. A cookie can identify a registered user with different page views. Without cookies, the service can not be used because of its nature.

Latest revision: 07.04.2021