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How do I login to Ellie for the first time?

To show the Ellie login page, paste your Ellie login URL (eg. myorganization.ellie.ai) in your browser's address bar. If you haven't received a first time login password, click on the "Reset password" button and enter your email address. If you don't receive a password reset shortly after, make sure your login URL is correct. If you're still unable to login to your Ellie account, you can contact our support at support@ellie.ai.

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Recent Changes, Improvements and Fixes in Ellie

Ellie 4.3.1

New Features

  • The browser tab now tells you where you are (Ellie | Glossary, Ellie | Models, Ellie | Reports, Ellie | Entity name, Ellie | Model name, Ellie | User Management, Ellie | API settings, Ellie | Sandbox, Ellie | User Settings, Ellie | Organization settings, Ellie | Client organizations)


  • Login page Password textfield now has the Show/Hide password eyeball for showing or hiding the password.

  • User Settings now introduces Show/Hide password eyeball for showing or hiding the password.

  • Empty Logical Model will no longer have the Export button enabled.

  • The page for copying Models across Organizations has Models sorted alphabetically.

  • Expired Forgotten Password link copywriting tweaks to better reflect what happens on the page.

  • LM: Pressing Enter while having the Delete Entity Dialog open no longer highlights the Trashcan icon behind the dialog.

  • Right-clicking on the "Click Here" link on the 404 not found page now re-directs you to the Dashboard instead of giving an error.

  • Model List View: Sidebar text and tickboxes are now more cohesively placed across Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

  • Model List View: Pressing Esc in LM Copy Dialog now closes the Dialog.

  • When viewing Collection details in Model List View, the CM and LM content hamburger "…" now visually lines up.

  • LM: Opening a Delete Entity Dialog no longer shifts the topbar down visually.

  • LM: Pressing Enter in Entity Edit Dialog while the cursor is on a Glossary Link textfield which is empty, will save the LM Entity.

  • LM: Pressing Enter in Entity Edit Dialog on Title or New Attribute will save the Entity.

  • LM: Entities and their attributes now automatically filter out leading and trailing whitespace instead of giving the user an error.


  • Copying a CM or a LM with an ultra-long name will no longer needlessly show errors in the dialog, instead, the name gets cropped at 255 characters.

  • When a Distributor Admin edits the AAD settings of an Organization, the Add Group button is correctly enabled after inputting the Group ID, Group Name and Access Level.

  • New Entities added to the Organization via the Import function will no longer be displayed as 404 before User presses refresh, and will be displayed in search results during CM edit.

  • LM: When you have selected an attribute for deletion by ticking the box on its row, and you add a new Glossary Link, the selection is no longer lost.

  • When exporting a Conceptual Model via the Ellie API, the elbow descriptions are now shown in the correct order (from Source Entity to Destination Entity).

  • When the Delete LM Entity Dialog is open, selecting text no longer moves the entities on the canvas below the Dialog.

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