Frequently Asked Questions


How do I login to Ellie for the first time?

To show the Ellie login page, paste your Ellie login URL (eg. in your browser's address bar. If you haven't received a first time login password, click on the "Reset password" button and enter your email address. If you don't receive a password reset shortly after, make sure your login URL is correct. If you're still unable to login to your Ellie account, you can contact our support at

Can I export my data from Ellie?

Yes, there are several ways to do this:

Can I import data to Ellie?

  • You can import the Glossary, i.e. conceptual entities and their attribute data into Ellie via an Excel (.XLSX) file. Find out how here.

  • You can import the Glossary (entirely or some parts of it) via our Glossary API endpoints.

  • You can import Logical Models into Ellie via our Model Import API endpoint.

Currently, importing conceptual model diagrams directly is not possible.

Where is my data stored when I use Ellie?

Ellie is a SaaS application, so all data you enter into Ellie is stored in Ellie’s own servers. These are physically located in AWS Frankfurt. See our Privacy Policy for details.

I would like to see feature X in Ellie, could you add it?

We are always interested in hearing any and all feedback and ideas for further improving Ellie. We have a product roadmap that we update on a quarterly basis (see this link for the latest roadmap update in our blog); if you have suggestions, just contact us at or, and we’ll see if we can fit it in!