How to Export Model Content in JSON format using the Model Export API

As of Ellie 3.8, we now offer a way to export Model content in the JSON format.

To get started, the first thing is to ensure that you have the API endpoints enabled in your Ellie account. If you are an admin user and can’t see the API-option in the cogwheel menu (see below), the API endpoints have not been enabled - please contact to have them enabled for you!

Generating a Security Token for Ellie API calls

There are two ways to get to the API view. One is to navigate to the Dashboard and click on the Cog and then API.

Dashboard → API

The other is to click on the Topbar and click on API.

Topbar → API

On the API Settings page, your Admin or you will need to Generate token. After the generation of a Token, you can click on the API documentation to see examples of the syntax for applying the Token for your organization.


Note: If you Regenerate the Token, anyone using the previous Token will get an error. So please communicate that the Token has been regenerated, if you choose to do it.

Documentation: Dig in!

In order to dig in, click on the API documentation or the following link: