Ellie 6.5

  • Whiteboard

  • Personal collection workflow

  • POST & GET API for physical model

Ellie 6.4

  • New Dashboard

  • Collections view

  • Updated Modeling list and Glossary

Ellie 6.3

  • Physical modeling canvas

  • Convert Conceptual model to Physical model

  • Convert Logical model to Physical model

  • SQL Generator with Snowflake support

Ellie 6.2

  • Logical Model (LM) Interface Enhancements:

    • Edit Model Info dialog updated with resizable Description Textfield.

    • Improved naming validation in Entity Edit Renaming.

  • Entity Management Improvements:

    • Fixed minor UI issues and updated Entity Logical tab to show "no Attributes" when empty.

    • Single Entity Page enhanced with resizable cells and updated font.

  • Performance & Usability:

    • Optimized entity creation speed. Added quick access to recent models on the left-side menu.

  • UI Updates:

    • Single Entity Page now keeps columns visible on top during scrolling. User Settings interface refreshed. Edit Profile dialog now clearly indicates selected colour.

  • Corrections & Functional Improvements:

    • Resolved CM canvas super-sub relationship issue and fixed Mac CTRL+mouse button functionality. Error messages standardized for capitalization consistency.

  • Navigation & Accessibility:

    • Action icon buttons now have titles for easier navigation.

  • Validation & Error Handling:

    • LM canvas and Edit Entity dialog issues fixed to ensure proper form functionality and attribute addition.

  • General UI Adjustments:

    • Addressed various UI discrepancies for a smoother user experience.

Ellie 6.1

New feature

  • “Copy as” feature in Personal Collection

Ellie 6.0

New features

  • New brand!

  • Left sidebar

  • Minimap on the canvas


  • Performance improvements on changing the pages

Ellie 5.2.1


  • Performance improvements for the Glossary list and other areas.

Ellie 5.2

New features

Ellie 5.1

New features


  • New autodraw algorithm

  • CSV files have the timestamp and also use the local timestamp

Ellie 5.0.3


  • Fixed an issue where updating the single entity view did not override canvas entities.

  • Resolved a problem with PUT/entities not being able to update with an entity ID.

  • Addressed an issue where scrolling on the dashboard affected the top navigation bar in various browsers including Safari and Chrome on Mac, as well as Firefox and Edge on Windows.

  • Corrected a bug where the context menu could not display long text.

  • Fixed a problem on Mac Safari where exporting a model to PDF saved the PDF picture with incomplete information.

  • Resolved an issue where updating Entities via the glossary API by providing both ID and the Name was giving a wrong error message.


Ellie 5.0.2


  • Fixed the bug where entity selection was never cleared.

  • Addressed the issue of snapped entities moving together unexpectedly.

  • Corrected the resizing functionality of old LM entities.

  • Improved CM canvas Quick Edit to check for duplicate names.

  • Fixed a tiny element in the Entity border that previously prevented the creation of a relationship

  • from a specific position.

  • Resolved an issue preventing the creation of a relationship from an entity due to padding

  • problems.

  • Addressed the blank page issue encountered when opening some models through the search bar and models list.

  • Fixed the bug where users were unable to copy some models due to a "name already exists" error.

  • Solved the blank page issue occurring when the 'Parent node entity is not found'.


  • Improved the relationship end placement behavior in models.

Ellie 5.0.1


  • Subtype-entities in a conceptual model now snap properly to other objects

  • Fixed undo/redo of elbows in a relationship

  • Elbows now behave more consistently when they’re in relationships connected to subtype entities

  • Excel import of Glossary items: leading and trailing spaces are now properly handled (you should not be able to add leading/trailing spaces in entity or attribute names via Excel import)

  • Fixed conceptual entity type updating via API call in PUT /entities endpoint

  • Top navigation bar no longer moves around when scrolling the page

  • Fixed issues with entity names displaying on conceptual modeling canvas (longer names, umlauts on letters, text padding etc.

  • Entity minimum height on conceptual modeling canvas returned back to what it was before 5.0

  • Fixed issues with login fields (username & password) on Safari + Mac

  • …plus a bunch of smaller, visual fixes


  • Improved the speed of entities appearing on the conceptual model canvas when selected from the sidebar search (more improvements coming later)

Ellie 5.0

This is a big release for us, and it contains all kinds of fixes and quality-of-life changes in the UI as well as lots of rewriting under the hood. The changes are listed per feature below.

  • Conceptual Modeling Canvas

    • Edit/View state: separate Edit/View states have been removed. There is now only one state; if you have edit access, you can edit!

    • Search/create: choosing entities from search or creating new entities now immediately adds them to the canvas instead of the sidebar list. The sidebar list has been removed entirely.

    • Deleting entities from the canvas: deleting entities from the canvas now removes them completely from the model. Previously, this would simply remove them from the canvas and add them to the sidebar list, which no longer exists. If the entity belongs to no other models, the user is prompted if they’d want to completely delete the entity from the Glossary as well.

    • Sidebar information: model information, entity types, and relationship types are all now listed on the sidebar. The model name and description can also be directly edited from here. Previously, the sidebar information would change depending on the Edit/View state, which no longer exists.

    • Model history: The history of changes in the model is displayed in a more compact form in the sidebar.

    • Conceptual models can now be directly exported from the canvas with the Export button (similarly to Logical models). PDF exports are also directly available from here. Previously, exporting conceptual models as files was done via the Reports functionality, which has now been completely removed.

    • Zooming in and out now works with mouse scroll also on the conceptual modeling canvas (previously on logical models only).

    • Area selection is now available on the conceptual modeling canvas with shift-click & drag (previously on logical models only).

    • All relationship notation styles (crow’s feet with or without the maximum cardinality, plus the arrows) are now available to select from the same menu when editing a relationship’s end. Previously, there was a separate user-specific setting to display different styles.

    • Added “Fit to view” option to toolbar (previously on logical models only).

    • “Draw as”/”View as” options removed from the toolbar.

    • Updated the right-click context menu of an entity: e.g. the on-canvas “Edit” menu has been rewritten.

  • Logical Modeling Canvas

    • Recursive relationships (a relationship from an entity back to itself) can now be created on Logical Models as well (previously on conceptual models only).

    • Relationship line ends can now be moved freely along the entity’s edge (previously worked only on conceptual models).

    • The overall behavior of the entities, relationships, and relationship elbows on the logical modeling canvas has been tuned and made more consistent with the conceptual modeling canvas (snapping, resizing, etc.)

    • PDF exports are now also available for logical models from the export button.

  • Glossary List

    • The selections for showing more info about the entities have been simplified. “Show attributes” and “Show models” are now toggles on the side, affecting what you see on the entity cards in the List.

    • Import/Export functionalities are now available directly from the Glossary List (previously this was an admin-only feature).

  • Export/Import Glossary via Excel files

    • The entire Export/Import Glossary functionality has been rewritten from scratch. This used to be an admin-only feature, but now it’s been made available to all write-access users. The UI and the workflow have been rebuilt so that errors are checked more thoroughly and communicated to the user more clearly. See the update guide here.

  • Single entity view

    • The “Relationships” tab now shows all relationships the entity has with other entities - including different kinds of relationships with the same target entity, where either the cardinality or the relationship description is unique.

    • The “Relationships” tab now also shows all description texts from every relationship - meaning that if there are multiple descriptions attached to different elbows along the relationships line, they are all listed.

    • Loading speeds in this view have been greatly improved.

  • Sandbox

    • The old Sandbox feature has been removed. It was not compatible with the new technological solutions in use for the new Conceptual Modeling canvas, and we recognized it was also lacking many features such as “publishing” models from the Sandbox to “real” Ellie, and being able to draft also logical models. Overall, the Sandbox feature had very few users.

    • We will be releasing completely new “drafts” functionality later!

    • If you had something super important in your old sandbox, please contact and we’ll get it back to you - no worries!

  • Reports

    • You can now export conceptual & logical models directly from the canvases. The exact same CSV files for entities, relationships, and attributes, as well as PDF versions of the diagrams, are directly available for each model there. Thus, the old Reports functionality has been removed. This makes the manual export a lot more straightforward!

Ellie 4.7

New features

  • You can now convert conceptual models to logical models!

    • Added a “Convert” button in the toolbar on the Conceptual Modeling Canvas

    • This generates a new logical model, with all the entities, relationships, and entity attributes copied to the model

    • The logical model diagram itself is automatically drawn (you can edit this to your liking afterwards, of course)

    • All logical entities in the new model are automatically mapped to their conceptual counterparts

  • Added “updated at” timestamp for conceptual entities in the JSON exports that you get via the Glossary & Model Export API endpoints. This will update every time the entity’s metadata is changed.

    • Note that for currently existing entities, this is by default set equal to “created at”. It will update properly the next time an edit is made.

    • An “update” in this case means the following: the entity name is changed, the description or any other metadata field is updated, or any attributes of the entity or their metadata are updated.

Ellie 4.6.1


  • Glossary API: fixed an issue with update calls to attribute metadata, where the attribute metadata information was in some situations deleted instead of updated.


  • More reliable auto-drawing functionality when importing logical models via the new API endpoint.

Ellie 4.6

New features

  • New Model Import API endpoint!

    • Now you can import logical models into Ellie via the POST /models endpoint!

    • Simply format your tables & columns into our JSON structure and feed that into the endpoint - a new logical model is automatically generated for you.

    • Currently only supports logical models - conceptual model import coming later!

    • See API details here:


  • Added a notification text for the upcoming removal of the Reports functionality, with a link to the documentation explaining how model export from the UI will work in the future.

Ellie 4.5.3


  • Okta OIN implementation: missing usernames fixed


  • Behind-the-scenes support for new user onboarding workflow - coming soon to new Ellie trials!

Ellie 4.5.2


  • Model Export API: Exported file now correctly displays relationships between entities if the relationships have no elbows.

  • Model Export API: Exported file now correctly displays relationships in situations where there are multiple relationships between the same two entities.


  • Okta implementation for OIN

  • Breadcrumb updates: “New Conceptual Model” is fully displayed, “Organization Settings” is fully displayed, and “User Settings” capitalisation matches the Avatar User dropdown menu “User Settings”.

  • Model List View: Progress bar has reduced padding on the right of it.

Ellie 4.5.1


  • Improved stability and timeout handling

  • Reset password -button now behaves more nicely if the email address has already been filled in on the login page

Ellie 4.5

New Features

  • Okta integration - an opt-in feature for user management via Okta (ask for details or enablement via

  • Distributor Admins can now set a suborganization to either offer AAD or Okta sign-in.


  • When creating a Collection but leaving the Collection title empty, the error now says "Name cannot be empty".

Ellie 4.4

New Features

  • New Ellie logo!

  • New Ellie Favicon!

  • Administrators can now create multiple API tokens. Why? Because:

  • New Glossary API!

    • You can now fetch the full content, or a specific Entity ID or a specific Entity Name from your organization using an API endpoint.

    • You can now Create, Modify and Delete Entities by using using API endpoints.

    • You can now Create, Modify and Delete Attributes by using API endpoints.


  • Model List View: LM Deletion dialog can now be exited from by pressing Esc.

  • Global organization settings (Custom Entity Type page) is more user-friendly when the browser window is smaller than expected.

  • LM: Pre-existing Entity deletion dialog can be exited by pressing Esc.


  • Navigating from a LM to another LM from Search bar results now opens the second LM.

  • The Glossary Index List now correctly stops showing an Entity that has been deleted from the Entity Detail View.

Ellie 4.3.1

New Features

  • The browser tab now tells you where you are (Ellie | Glossary, Ellie | Models, Ellie | Reports, Ellie | Entity name, Ellie | Model name, Ellie | User Management, Ellie | API settings, Ellie | Sandbox, Ellie | User Settings, Ellie | Organization settings, Ellie | Client organizations)


  • Login page Password textfield now has the Show/Hide password eyeball for showing or hiding the password.

  • User Settings now introduces Show/Hide password eyeball for showing or hiding the password.

  • Empty Logical Model will no longer have the Export button enabled.

  • The page for copying Models across Organizations has Models sorted alphabetically.

  • Expired Forgotten Password link copywriting tweaks to better reflect what happens on the page.

  • LM: Pressing Enter while having the Delete Entity Dialog open no longer highlights the Trashcan icon behind the dialog.

  • Right-clicking on the "Click Here" link on the 404 not found page now re-directs you to the Dashboard instead of giving an error.

  • Model List View: Sidebar text and tickboxes are now more cohesively placed across Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

  • Model List View: Pressing Esc in LM Copy Dialog now closes the Dialog.

  • When viewing Collection details in Model List View, the CM and LM content hamburger "…" now visually lines up.

  • LM: Opening a Delete Entity Dialog no longer shifts the topbar down visually.

  • LM: Pressing Enter in Entity Edit Dialog while the cursor is on a Glossary Link textfield which is empty, will save the LM Entity.

  • LM: Pressing Enter in Entity Edit Dialog on Title or New Attribute will save the Entity.

  • LM: Entities and their attributes now automatically filter out leading and trailing whitespace instead of giving the user an error.


  • Copying a CM or a LM with an ultra-long name will no longer needlessly show errors in the dialog, instead, the name gets cropped at 255 characters.

  • When a Distributor Admin edits the AAD settings of an Organization, the Add Group button is correctly enabled after inputting the Group ID, Group Name and Access Level.

  • New Entities added to the Organization via the Import function will no longer be displayed as 404 before User presses refresh, and will be displayed in search results during CM edit.

  • LM: When you have selected an attribute for deletion by ticking the box on its row, and you add a new Glossary Link, the selection is no longer lost.

  • When exporting a Conceptual Model via the Ellie API, the elbow descriptions are now shown in the correct order (from Source Entity to Destination Entity).

  • When the Delete LM Entity Dialog is open, selecting text no longer moves the entities on the canvas below the Dialog.

Ellie 4.3

New Features

  • Custom Entity Types can be set up by an organization Admin

  • Any Custom Entity Type can be set to be the Default Entity Type

  • Custom Entity Types can be reset to Ellie Originals

  • Entities now support Custom Entity Types

  • CM Entity Dropdown menu allows for changing Entity Type

  • Entity Types are now displayed in CM View mode - instead of Explanation


  • LM: Primary Keys (PKs) are now in Bold both on the Canvas and on the Entity Edit dialog

  • LM: Foreign Keys (FKs) are now in Italics both on the Canvas and on the Entity Edit dialog

  • LM Creation page now clearly states if the Model title has leading or trailing whitespace, and the red triangle is displayed when the Model title is missing or has issues

  • LM Creation page is now visually closer to CM Creation page

  • LM Zoom buttons are less widely spaced, similar to CM Zoom placement

  • LM Entity resize hotspot size has been increased

  • LM Edit info dialog has more accurate titling such as Edit Logical Model Info, Logical Model name, Logical Model description

  • Distributor Admin: AAD / API texts are now easier to read to quickly see if AAD is On/Off or if API is On/Off.


  • Create CM page now tells you that the Model name you are using already exists, instead of being silent.

  • Create Collection page now tells you that the Collection name you are using already exists, instead of being silent.

  • LM Edit Info dialog now correctly references models instead of collections for model name and model description

  • Creating a Duplicate Collection Name will now shoot an error

  • Renaming a Collection Name to a Collection that already exists will now shoot an error

  • Exported Model Attributes are now shown in the right order

Ellie 4.2.1


  • LM Undo now supports Ctrl-Y and CMD-Y and Shift-Ctrl-Z and Shift-CMD-Z

  • Relationships / Logical tabs now show models in alphabetical order

  • LM Glossary Link search shows more than 10 results

  • When creating or editing LM Entities, the attribute row now shows more characters


  • LM Relationship creation and undoing now works more reliably.

  • When CSV exporting Reports with Supertype/Subtype connections, the SourceID and TargetID used to be reversed. No longer.

Ellie 4.2

New Features

  • When creating Entities in Logical Models, you can now link pre-existing Glossary Entities from Conceptual Models.

  • When editing Entities in Logical Models, you can now link pre-existing Glossary Entities from Conceptual Models.

  • The Glossary Entity view has been updated with a new tab that shows Logical Entity relationships

  • Logical Models can now have Textboxes

  • Logical Model Entity Attribute rows can be dragged up and down to reorder


  • Close / Create buttons always displayed when creating a new LM Entity - no matter how many PK/FK Attributes you have created.

  • Opening Edit Model Info in Logical Modeling now autofocuses on the title

  • You can now exit from Edit Model or Add Entity or Edit Entity in LM by pressing ESC

  • All places that offer a possibility of emailing, now email to

  • Logical Model Name is now capped to 255 characters

  • Read-only users see "Show model info" while viewing LM, instead of "edit model info"

  • Read-only users do not see Entity/Collection/Model restricted locks since they are meaningless to them

  • LM Create Entity "Delete selected attribute" function is disabled until something is selected

  • LM Edit Entity dialog has been visually improved in numerous ways


  • Opening Edit Model Info no longer shifts the topbar slightly visually

  • The shortcut CMD-Z (for Undo) did not work in Logical Models

  • Ctrl-clicking on a Relationship in LM did not open a context menu

Ellie 4.1.1


  • Relationships in a Logical Model now snap at 90 degree angles

  • Logical Model Relationships now point to the closest entity edge

  • Distributor Admin: Sub-organizations now display the count of Admin, Read and Write users.

  • AAD User is now able to log in directly from Model link and is taken to Model after successful login.


  • AAD Group members with access to a restricted Collection were not able to edit models in the Collection.

Ellie v4.1

New Features

  • Restricted Collections: Admins can set Collections to restricted, and they can add/remove editors from the Collection. Any model added to a restricted Collection, and it’s Entities, will no longer be editable by non-editors. You will see a lock in the Model Edit View.


  • Models (both Logical and Conceptual) can now be in only one Collection at a time


  • Logging out is now noticeably faster

  • Relationship endings in Logical Models will now display a circle when you hover over them

  • Top right menu now displays a link to the Top Tips article on Ellie Confluence

  • The Dashboard will now display Logical Models and their color will be grey instead of blue.


  • The Sandbox option is no longer shown to Read users from the top right corner menu.

  • Report Entities CSV Export now shows the right URL (ellie dot ai instead of ellie dot fi)

  • A deleted or non-existing Logical Model URL will now show a 404

Ellie v4.0

New Features

  • Logical Modeling - new model type & canvas for creating Logical Models.

  • Logical Models are shown in Model List View.

  • Logical Model data can be exported directly from the Model.

  • Logical Models can be filtered from the Model List View.

  • You can create Logical Models or Conceptual Models in Dashboard

  • Logical Model icons have a different colour than Conceptual Models in Model List View

  • Logical Models available via Model Export API


  • Model ID is displayed while viewing a Model

  • The Password renewal link in the email will now expire in 60 minutes instead of 30 minutes

  • The Password renewal email has also been tweaked to inform the recipient about the time limit


  • Exporting Entity names as CSV was not possible if no attributes in the Entity

  • Dragging entities into a Conceptual Model using Safari no longer selects the whole page

  • New organizations were not properly initialized, new entities with attributes were not successfully created

  • It is now possible to create an empty collection with no models

  • Distributor Admin can toggle API on / off per organization

Ellie v3.8

New Features

  • Model Export API


  • If you have nothing selected in Show Fields, now says "Showing basic info" instead of "Showing nothing".

  • When deleting an attribute, the dialog now says "Delete Attribute" and "Delete This Attribute" instead of "Delete this item".

  • When changing your password, the error now informs you that the current password was wrong.

  • Glossary Index List: If an Entity is in no Model, now says "Not used in a model" instead of "Not set".

  • User profile name is now capped to 50 characters, instead of showing you "too long" in an unceremonious fashion

  • Distributor Admin: Organization Metadata titles are now capped to 50 characters, instead of showing you "too long" in an unceremonious fashion

  • If you attempt to change your password to the same as your current one, you get warned

  • Report View no longer becomes difficult to use if you have reports with extremely long names

  • Entity View: When you click on Delete to delete an Entity, you will be asked if you are sure.

  • No Results will match in colouring everywhere - grey always, blue never


  • After changing your password, you are now able to get back to User Settings from the topbar

  • Distributor Admin: When adding new Attribute Metadata fields, "Textfield" is no longer automatically selected, so you can actually select it.

Ellie v3.7.1


  • When adding an Entity to a Model, no longer show Entities that are already in the Model - just Entities that are in the Glossary but not already on the Model.

  • When adding Models to Reports, no longer show Models that are already in the Report.

  • When Sorting By Model on Glossary Index List, no longer show Models that are already selected as Sorted By when searching and adding Models.

  • Explanation rectangles in Model View no longer change the cursor to a hand when hovered over the rectangles in Safari.

  • Model List View now shows "No Results found", if no Models found, instead of no text.

  • Newly created organizations have "Format" set as one of the default Attributes for Entities, instead of "Data Type".

  • The "Metadata" tab in the Entity Glossary View has been renamed to "About".

  • The "Data Type" default Metadata attribute has been renamed to "Format".

  • The email has been added to all pertinent places that require contacting us


  • Editing an already created report would not correctly fetch the list of models in the report.

  • The Organization Expiration date would accept invalid months (13->) and invalid dates (32->).

  • Microsoft Edge users would see a selected tickbox as grey instead of blue.

  • Pressing Cancel in Edit Elbow dialog would save the Elbow edit.

  • When renaming a model and then closing the sidebar, you would get a white screen with errors on the console.

  • Pressing the Delete button while editing the content of a Text Box would delete the Text Box instead of a character of the text.

  • When travelling to and fro in the Top Bar Breadcrumb view, if entering the Glossary Index List from a Model, the Model would no longer be correctly selected in the Sort By Model segment of the Sidebar.

  • When successfully Logging Out and then trying to Log In with an invalid password, the green "You've been Logged Out" banner would not be cleared.

  • When Logging Out and Logging back in, errors of the previous session would not be cleared.

  • When unticking Entities in Model, Collection details would be hidden.

Ellie v3.7

New Features

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory support.

  • Parent-entity / Sub-entity relationships now shown in Entity Relationship tab

  • Parent-entity / Sub-entity relationships now shown in Relationship Export

  • A Distributor Admin can delete an organization.

  • A Distributor Admin can configure Microsoft Azure Active Directory features and groups.


  • Reset Password page now has links to return back to the Login form.

  • When deleting an entity, no longer show 404 entity missing error after deletion.

  • Missing Models, Entities, Reports now have a different 404 error page with more information and a better graphic.

  • Model List View can be filtered by Model Status (Work in Progress, Waiting for Approval, Approved, In Production)

  • New, more visually appealing Password Reset Link Sent page.

  • Editing an elbow now has autofocus on Elbow Description in dialog.

  • Logging out no longer briefly shows the Dashboard before returning back to the Login form.

  • Cosmetic: Delete is now rounded when selected.

  • Added missing roundings to Report Adding dropdown menu.

  • Split dialog text to two lines for Delete Entity, Delete Report, Delete User.

  • Visual spacing in Edit Collection fixed

  • Logging out refreshes the login form.

  • Editing Elbow dialog has autofocus on Elbow description

  • New error pages for Microsoft Azure Active Directory support. (Not enabled for this organization, you aren't a member of the group that has access to the organization).

  • To conform with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, users no longer have First and Last name, just Username.

  • The History of the Model View no longer shows email address.


  • The first time you create an empty collection with Firefox will succeed instead of fail.

  • Users with Read permission can no longer create Entities, Reports or Models.

  • Adding textboxes works again.

Ellie v3.6.1


  • Updated visuals for error messages (Missing model, report, entity)

  • The Wherescape site now has a favicon

  • Reports can now be deleted while viewing them

  • Organizations can be disabled

  • Multiple forms now have automatically focused textfields, such as Create Model, Create Collection, etc.

  • Bold and Italics used for username and role when editing users


  • Reset password emails are now sent from instead of

  • Removing the same Model from Two Collections results in Two Models with same name - no longer happens

  • When editing name and description of Model, and entering Edit Model mode, the changes are automatically saved.

  • Glossary Index List now accurately shows "Entities not used in any models" when the tickbox is ticked

  • Wherescape converter does not fail if multiple ampersands (&&) in filename or content

  • Deleting a report no longer brings a 404 page

  • When closing User role change dialog by pressing X, dialog closes and error is no longer shown.

Ellie v3.6

Old features

  • Import / Export Attributes and Entities has been reintroduced.

New features


  • Models can be added and removed from a Collection

  • The Collection can have a name and a description

  • You can filter by Collections in the Model List View

  • Models can be added to multiple Collections

  • Collections can be deleted, and Models will be added back to the Model List View.

  • The Details of a Collection can be viewed


  • The Entity List in the Model Edit Sidebar ns have scrollbars for easier navigation.

  • We have introduced character limits to Create New Model, Create New Report, Create New Collection, Add New Attribute to Entity, Edit Collection Name, Edit Collection Description, Edit Model Name, Edit Model Description. You will no longer see "value is too long" type errors.


  • You will no longer be able to delete an entity from a model while in Viewing mode by hovering mouse over the entity and pressing the Delete-button.

  • Model Progress highlights have been improved visually

  • Model Progress imagery has been improved visually

  • Increased rounding of selections in search bars.

Ellie v3.5.1


  • If you attempt to log in with an invalid password more than 5 times, your account will get locked for a duration of 30 minutes. You can, however, evade the account lock by resetting your password.

  • Changing an entity name now limits the entity name to 100 characters and no longer shoots an error if you input more than 100 characters.

Ellie v3.5.0


  • Clarified Import page copywriting for increased clarity.

  • Added the Ellie Privacy Policy to the User Settings dropdown menu.

  • We have designed and implemented better error pages for missing entity, report and model.

  • When the arrow-only Notation Style is selected, Relationship type dropdown menu only shows two entries instead of six.

  • Added an icon to Relationships in Entity View and Quick Edit.

  • Simplified Entity View and Quick Edit tabs.

  • Notation style dot looks better across browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE11).


  • Limit Glossary Index List Entity creation name to 100 characters (no longer errors).

  • Chrome: When changing the name of a model while viewing model, a horizontal scrollbar is no longer displayed.

  • Undo / Redo work better with Entity and Textbox textsize changes.

  • The importing process has been visually clarified (ADD becomes "Add, Update or Delete". REPLACE becomes "Empty and Replace All"). Information content should be easier.

  • Dashboard no longer shows "visited links" on IE11/Edge.

Ellie v3.4.0

New features

  • Title bar added to Model view - you can now see the full title of the model while editing the model

  • Glossary supercharged: The brand new Glossary Index List

    • The user can now see a list of entities not used in any model

    • The user can have added filtering for showing entities

    • The user can filter entities by entity type (Master, Contract, Transaction, Not set, Reference, Transaction header, Transaction detail)

    • The user can decide which entity fields are displayed (f.ex., Description, Examples, Synonyms, Source system, Administrated by, Relationships, Attributes, Models)

    • The user can press "Reset to default" to reset filtering to default


  • Import / Export feature improvements

    • The Import feature allows for adding and replacing both entities and attributes

    • The import feature provides the user with a valid, two-sheet (Entities, Attributes) Excel file that the user can use for adding data into their organization

  • Hover-selecting an entity or a textbox and pressing Delete will remove the entity or textbox

  • CTRL-Y / CMD-Y shortcuts have been added for Redo

  • Typing into a text box resizes the box so that the text input by the user is always inside of the box

  • Hovering the mouse cursor on the topbar breadcrumb will show the full name of the model

  • If the attributes of an entity have large amounts of content, viewing an entity will now display this content in an easily readable fashion.

  • The user is warned if they are trying to import an excel file with zero attributes

  • The user can now export a valid excel file (template) for an empty organization with no entities and no attributes, they can then modify it, and import it back again to add entities and attributes

  • Ellie now understands email formats such as ALLCAPS@ALLCAPS.COM and SomeCaps@SomeCaps.Com without shooting invalid email address errors - they are automatically formatted.

  • When doing quick edits to entity attributes, the changes are retained if the user moves to the Glossary and back.

  • Importing large (1600+ entity) content no longer times out on Chrome / Firefox / Safari


  • If you had a model with a parent-child structure and made a copy of it, the entities were no longer a parent and a child

  • If you had a model with a parent-child structure with a textbox attached to the child, and made a copy of it - the entity-entity-textbox -structure was not retained and they got disconnected from eachother

  • If you have a model open and it is deleted by another user, refreshing the model URL now tells you that the model has been deleted.

  • Dragging elbows in the Model view no longer selects text from other elbows

  • The sidebar returns reliably when dragging an entity to a model stops, instead of getting stuck in the minimized position.

  • Importing invalid Excel files no longer cause 502 errors and empty screens

  • Importing invalid Excel files no longer get stuck importing, they instead finish importing and inform you with an error as to what went wrong and how to fix it.

  • Admin can no longer accidentally select "Select Role" as the role of a new user.

  • Notation styles no longer appear visually truncated on Internet Explorer 11.

  • When importing a single attribute with Safari, the scrollbar now works.

  • You are now able to delete a model with a submodel, instead of shooting an error.

  • Entity metadata editing across multiple users is now more reliable with reduced amounts of lock-states

  • Sandbox is more stable

Ellie v3.1.2

New features

  • Users can now switch between three different Notation Styles while viewing the model.

    • The selected Notation Style are also visible in the Glossary Index.


  • We have added documentation on the new Notation Styles.


  • The History tab for each model now accurately reflects how many objects have been added.

  • With the Chrome browser, the context menu could leave content highlighted that the cursor was no longer on top of, now it only highlights the actual content the cursor is on top of.

  • Importing Attributes now works with the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

Ellie v3.1.1


  • Logging in has now been optimised and therefore greatly sped up.

  • When starting the importing process of attributes for the whole organisation, you are warned that any current attributes will be overwritten, and asked to tick a box before proceeding with the importing process, as a safety precaution.

  • We have also upgraded our servers, Ellie should be snappier than ever.

Ellie v3.1.0

New features

  • All models now have a new status indicator with four states: "Work in Progress", "Waiting for Approval", "Approved" and "In Production". Users can see the model states in the Model listing view and in the Model viewing mode. Users can set the status while editing the model.

  • Users can now automatically fill a new attribute with all column data from a previous attribute.

  • Users can also select which columns are automatically filled.

  • Users can import and export all attributes of the whole organisation, for editing in Excel or other compatible apps.

  • Users can also back up and restore attribute data for the whole organisation.

  • Users can now access the Changelog by clicking on the Username on the top right corner and selecting Ellie 3.1.0.

  • Introducing the Ellie Documentation Center, a steadily updated online repository of information on Ellie features.


  • Attribute tab-state is now remembered across glossary items.

  • Users can now hide/show the Glossary Index if they need additional screen real estate, f.ex. while editing column data in the Attributes tab.

  • Deactivated users will get told that their account is deactivated, instead of being told "wrong username or password".

  • Actions listed in the History can now be copy-pasted for other users.

  • Pressing enter while editing an elbow will result in the elbow being saved.

  • When replacing an entity with another entity, the textfield in the dialog window will automatically get focus.


  • The creation of zero-length relations / connections is no longer possible.

  • Moving glossary attributes lower / higher no longer desynchronises displaying of attribute data textfields.

  • Deletion of glossary attributes while in the quick view dialog works again.

Ellie v3.0.1

  • fixed issues: two bugs with newly created entities, fixed warnings with pre-filled password